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"Calvary occupies a unique corner of the world in a very special community! This faithful congregation is dedicated to Christian service, wholesome stewardship, and the prayerful desire to deliver love and neighborhood into our 21st-century world. We listen. We respond. We celebrate. We continue to be a dynamic outpost for the work of Jesus Christ!"

Father Nicklaus MezacapaFr. Nick Mezacapa



Mayo Clinic Visitors

We Welcome You!

Calvary welcomes Mayo clinic guests. Please click here for more information.

Episcopal Pastoral Services (EPS) is a hospital-visitation ministry, providing regular visits for Episcopal patients at the Mayo Clinic hospitals. It is administered directly by the Mayo clinic.

We have a weekly healing service at 5:15 p.m. Monday. We pray for people facing physical and emotional pain, directing our spiritual energy at God's healing grace for the courage to move forward beyond hopelessness.

Faith Formation

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Click here to learn more and register your students for Sunday School & Youth Groups at Calvary. We have opportunities for youth Age 3 - Grade 12!

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